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The Full SEO Blueprint is designed for photographers and creatives to confidently learn SEO beyond tricks and hacks. But a holistic approach that will continue to allow you to rank and convert.

Stop binging articles and videos for quick fixes to your SEO

are ready to learn seo and connect deeply online?

The best tricks and hacks only last as long as it takes Google to figure them out. Organic content is a must.

SEO tricks

Spending thousands on someone else doing it for you without learning the skills yourself

Spending $$$$ for someone to do it for you

Over optimizing your site so you no longer sound like a unique brand. Reaching everyone, reaches no one.

Sounding like a bot

This probably won't work long term

Your website probably wants to tell you this about SEO

You finally feel excited about the direction of your website and SEO

Your website has a unique voice, tone that matches your business

SEO feels actionable and understandable, no matter what you read

You're not just ranking, but you are getting inquiries from your ICA

Imagine your website like this...

you've landed in the right place

SEO + AI Creative Mentor

Transform your SEO journey, crafted with a holistic approach to go beyond ranking

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Full SEO Blueprint for Photographers


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SEO takes time and no matter what anyone says, there isn’t a shortcut. If there is one, I can almost guarantee it’s temporary. Most people start noticing a difference in 3-4 weeks but the real SEO goodness comes as it continues to build 3, 4, 5 or even 8 months later.

how fast can I see results?

With a holistic SEO approach we go beyond simply optimizing your site for a few keyphrases; we take into consideration your brand voice, ideal client and build a strategy that’s more about engaging in an inclusive, broader way with your exact audience then simply getting more impressions for a handful of keywords.

what is holistic seo?

Absolutely not. If you’re a heart-led, service-based business this course will be impactful for you. Did you know before I became a photographer I worked with a WIDE range of industries? Even companies selling nuts and bolts. However, I did write this with photographers in mind and considering a sometimes-unique set of situations we might face. If you’re selling products online, this won’t be the course for you. I don’t go over product selling specific questions.

Is this course only for photographers?

If you were to binge all the videos, no sleep-running on coffee.... About 14 hours. Yikes, I don't recommend this.  The course itself is meant to be workshopped in many sections. That means you watch the video, pause and complete a section for your site, and then move on. With that in mind, a realistic goal is spending a few hours a day for a couple of weeks. Take your time, and complete the course mindfully.


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