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Imagine what you could do if you freed up the time you spend reworking copy for your business by giving it to ChatGPT.  But not just any writing: Words that sound like you.

Take the work out of writing with AI and still maintain your voice

sound like a brand, not a bot with ai

When used correctly, ChatGPT can help you maintain a distinct tone that sets your apart from competition

sounding like everyone else

Time is your number one commodity in your business. What could you accomplish with 1,2, or 6 more hours a week?

giving away your top commodity

Struggling to consistently produce engaging, SEO-friendly content for blogs and social media.

tedious content creation

using ai correctly, you can say goodbye to...

How can your job change if you treat ai like an employee?

Knowing when to use and when to use AI to write for your brand

Best practices with ChatGPT for content creation and troubleshooting

Knowledge on how to maintain your brand voice when using AI

Taking what's on your heart and putting it on paper to create a detailed brand voice.

Imagine if you could walk away with....

Turn chatgpt into your brand story

SEO + AI Creative Mentor

Craft a Soulful Brand Voice Guide in our Workshop Style Course and Harness ChatGPT for Your Brand

Includes bonus best practices and troubleshooting chatGPT

Brand Voice Design for AI & ChatGPT


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let's do it


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Free Recorded Brand Voice Guide Review

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Course must be completed and brand voice guide submitted to  within 90 days of purchase. This is a recorded review and not live.

The course brand voice ideas are universal but AI development is not. As AI changes, I'll update the best practices and troubleshooting section.

Updated coursework

SEO or using AI to write, the magic sauce is your unique voice. That's why this course focuses on defining your voice specifically for AI to read.

brand voice focus

Each module is designed to be workshopped. At the end of the main video set, you'll have a completed brand voice guide.

workshop classes

For users paying in full, a complimentary video review of your brand voice guide is included within 90 days of purchase. This is not live.

brand voice guide review

Absolutly! Although I promise this is the easiest part.  At the end of your brand voice guide there will be 3 bonus modules on using ChatGPT and looking at other AI options.

Will you teach me how to use chatgpt?

The course's completion time varies, especially around the depth of work on your brand voice. If you've already outlined your brand's story, you might progress quickly. For those starting from scratch, taking extra time to reflect and define your brand's narrative is beneficial. The course flexes to fit your unique pace, ensuring you're comfortable with every step of defining your brand voice.

How long does it take to complete?

While this course focuses primarily on ChatGPT, the skills and principles you learn for creating a compelling brand voice guide are transferable to other AI platforms. The core concept of defining and implementing your unique brand voice is applicable across various AI tools, enhancing your overall digital strategy.

Is this only for ChatGPT?

Focusing on a brand voice guide is vital because AI tools reflect the depth and detail you provide. Solidifying your brand voice is key to making AI, like ChatGPT, an effective ally in your business, ensuring it echoes your unique style and values. Refining your brand voice is truly the secret sauce for AI tools like ChatGPT to truly represent your brand.

if this is an AI course, why are you focusing mostly on a brand voice guide?

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